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The cash back comparison below highlights the main differences between TopCashback and Ebates in one simple-to-follow guide. Cash back bonuses. Coupons. Payout options. Payment minimums. This guide's the perfect resource for any online shopper looking to maximize their cash back rebates.
Ebates was established in 1998 and TopCashback in 2011. Both have millions of members earning cash back when they shop online.
Cashback guaranteeNoYes

Additional information

Only TopCashback will guarantee to match competitors’ cash back rates subject to a few simple terms and conditions
Payout restrictionsYesNo

Additional information

Members of TopCashback get paid anytime, with no minimums or schedules to follow, unlike ebates’ policy to pay out once every 90 days with a $5.01 minimum threshold.
Payout Options214

Additional information

Both sites offer PayPal, but TopCashback also offers Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Cards, American Express? Reward Cards, and over 10 different eGiftCards including Walmart, Target, Gap, Sephora and more.
Payout bonusNone5%

Additional information

Only TopCashback adds up to a 5% bonus cash back when choosing Gift Cards.
Number of stores2,000+4,000+

Additional information

Both TopCashback and ebates offer online cashback at 1000s of big name merchants but TopCashback also offers 1000s of small to mid-size brands.
Tell a Friend bonus$5 to $25$10

Additional information

TopCashback always offers $10 (and sometimes more!) upon the referred members earning $10 cash back with no time restrictions. Ebates usually offers $5 upon the referred member spending $25+ and earning cash back within 1 year, though at times the amount is higher for a short promotional period.
Signup bonusYesDuring Promotions

Additional information

TopCashback often offers signup bonuses ranging from cash to merchandise. Ebates has a standard $10 bonus upon spending $25 within 90 days.
Stack savings with coupon codesYesYes

Additional information

Both sites offer coupon codes and promo codes for even greater savings combined with cashback.
Trustpilot Rating8.38.8

Additional information

TopCashback currently has an 8.8 rating on user-review website Trustpilot. Ebates is sporting an 8.3 rating.
*TopCashback passes on 100% of merchant commissions to members in the form of cashback.
TopCashback is rated 9.2 on independant review site Trustpilot
Compare how you can withdraw your cash back via each site.
There are no restrictions, payout schedules or minimums to follow.
Some key FAQs about Ebates and TopCashback.
  • Who offers the best rates?

    TopCashback offers 100% of the commission back to its members and consistently features higher cash back rates than Ebates. Our comparison tool has found that we offer higher rates for the majority of the merchants listed on both sites.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw at a time?
    With Ebates, checks are sent out on a quarterly basis, and anything under $5.01 is held until the next payable period. TopCashback does not have any limits or restrictions and allows you to withdraw your money earned at any time. Whether you have $.01 or $100, the money is yours to take!
  • How do I request payout?

    TopCashback allows you to request a payout at any time, assuming the cash back has reached the payable status. All you need to do is select the payout method you prefer and then click the ‘payable’ button. You have several options to choose from: direct deposit into your bank account, Paypal, Amazon Gift Certificate, or American Express? Reward Card.

    Ebates has quarterly schedule for receiving any payouts over $5.01. They will notify you once you have earned $5.01 in payable cash back to be received during the next payment cycle in the form of a check.

  • How does cash back work?

    Cash back is similar to a rebate that you receive after a purchase is made. TopCashback gets commission for purchases you make at over 3500 major retailers and passes this all back to the member in the form of cash back.

    Ebates gets commission for purchases you make at over 2,000 major retailers and passes a percentage back to the member in the form of cash back.

  • Have you found a higher cash back rate? TopCashback will match it!
    We aim to offer the highest cash back rate to our members. If you happen to find a better rate of cash back for your purchase from another online cash back provider, TopCashback will match the rate assuming you choose to use TopCashback for the transaction. TopCashback will match the cash back rates listed on Ebates.
  • How does TopCashback make money?

    TopCashback is supported by the advertisements and sponsored listings on our site. Merchants and their networks also pay us bonuses from time to time, for driving a large volume of traffic to them.

    Ebates earn money through commission from stores and then shares a portion of that with their members.

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