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Looking for more information on Rebecca Gramuglia, TopCashback's Personal Finance, Shopping and Travel Expert? Check out her bio here:

Rebecca Gramuglia, public relations specialist at, provides the public with the latest tips and trends on shopping and saving. As an avid shopper, concert-goer and traveler, she enjoys finding the best and smartest deals around, and aims to help others embrace their purchasing power. Hailing from Bergen County, N.J., one of the top retail areas in the country, Rebecca was born to shop (and save!). She takes pride in finding the best possible prices for her favorite products — whether that be Rag & Bone boots for more than 60% off or heading to Zara’s website the second the clock strikes midnight on December 26th for their incredible sale. You can also find Rebecca strategizing ways to get unbelievable deals and cashback on priceless moments like vacations and concerts (she wants to be able to see the sweat on her favorite band’s faces, without breaking the bank). Her advice on personal finance and shopping has been featured in The Simple Dollar, and Yahoo! Finance.

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