Green Monday Deals

Every year, the holiday shopping season seems to get bigger and bigger. First it was Black Friday. Then Cyber Monday was born. Followed soon after by Cyber Week. And now, the mighty Green Monday has joined the regular holiday shopping season as another fantastic day of discounts, deals and dynamic price drops. With Christmas less than two weeks away from Green Monday, it’s your last chance to jump online and purchase a fabulous gift for that someone special in your life.

When is Green Monday 2019?

This year, Green Monday falls on December 9, 2019


What exactly is Green Monday?

Just like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the more recently created Green Monday is another big online retail day during the holiday season. Originally created by eBay in 2007  to describe its best sales day in December, the holiday has grown over the years and is a continuation of the huge markdowns and sales that many online retailers started the week of Thanksgiving.

Generally, Green Monday falls on the second Monday in December.


Will I only save money on products that are green?
Not at all! Green Monday is a fantastic day for any holiday shopper, particularly the last-minute one. Gift-buying procrastinators can really take advantage of last-minute savings as online stores are giving holiday sales a final push before Christmas Day arrives. Just as during Cyber Week, you can save big on everything from apparel to electronics and anything in between.


Which stores are taking part in Green Monday?

Every year, more and more stores jump on the Green Monday bandwagon to help stretch their holiday sales season. If you missed out on any mega Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, now’s your chance to impress. Snag a fabulous markdown at ridiculous savings just in the (Saint) Nick of time. Plus, be sure to go through TopCashback first so you can pile on the cash back rewards as well.

Expect a wide variety of huge Green Monday online deals from stores like:

Amazon (Up to 10% cashback)

Bed, Bath & Beyond (8% cashback)

Best Buy ( cashback)

DisneyStore  (3% cashback)

eBay (1.5% cashback)

GNC (12% cashback)

Kiehls (8% cashback)

Kohls (3% cashback)

Lowes  (Up to 6% cashback)

Macy’s (8% cashback)

Microsoft Store (Up to 7% cashback)

Neiman Marcus (12% cashback) (2% cashback)

Ralph Lauren(2% cashback)

Sam's Club (Up to 15% cashback)

Staples (3% cashback) (2.25% cashback)

Verizon Wireless (Up to $100 cashback)

Walmart (1% cashback)

Remember Green Monday is December 9, 2019! 

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