About TopCashback

TopCashback's fundamental aim is to save American and Canadian consumers money on all their online shopping. We're the cashback site that gives ALL of the store's commission rate back to you and we don't charge our members any fees either; TopCashback is free to join, free to use and free to cash-out. We're also the only cashback site that doesn't have a minimum pay-out threshold, and you can cash-out as many times a year as you want.

All this makes us the USA's most generous cashback rebates site.

How we work is simple. TopCashback receives a referral commission rate for driving traffic and sales to a store's website. We give this entire commission rate back to our members as a cashback rebate - we don't keep a cut like other cashback sites. As soon as this commission has been paid to us, you can request payment – which we can pay straight into your bank, or via Paypal or Amazon vouchers for example. We will pay this out to you as soon as you request payment – we don’t make you wait for our next payment date, unlike some other sites.

Sounds too good to be true? It's really not. We're happy to run the site on the money we earn through separate advertising banners and deals with our listed stores. For instance, many of our stores will also pay us extra fees or bonuses if we hit sales targets or if we display them prominently around our site or in our newsletters.

You can get 100% moneyback rebates from TopCashback at over 4,400 stores including Groupon, Walmart, Best Buy, E-bay, GiftCards.com, Restaurant.com, Overstock.com, Bloomingdale's and so many more including lots of travel sties. We also offer a big selection of coupons, offering extra instant money-off discounts and free shipping, to use in conjunction with earning cashback too! The more members we have, the higher the commission rate and the better the coupons we're able to negotiate on your behalf.

TopCashback is an ethical company and lives by the moto "do as you would be done by". We extend this way of operating to all of our members, stores and partners, and hope you'll find it extremely fun and financially rewarding by shopping through us.

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